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Chibi Artist

Hello! I'm almost always sleepy, I love to draw and I'm aspiring to start streaming.
( ´‿` )

Want a commission? Have any questions?
You can contact me via email or my social media.
Email: [email protected]
Discord: Aries ♡*.#9713


27 . She/Her . Sleepy

Hello! I'm Aariesa, but you're free to call me Aries! I love to draw chibis while also working to branch myself outside of that. Drawing for others is a passion of mine as I'd love to see my work bring joys to others. With that said, I'm slowly trying to make my way into streaming in hopes to entertain and show my art to the world. I'm a little shy when it at the start, but I warm up quick and I love to talk. So I hope to be able to make streaming work out in the future. ♡


@ Shadow [Discord]Chibi Style APaidSketching
@ Alkaid [Discord]Chibi Style APaidNot Started
@Ashe [Discord]Chibi Style B/EmotePaidNot Started
@Ale [Discord]Discord StickersPaidSketching
@Ary [Discord]Mouse ChibiPaidSketching
@Drogon Senpai [Discord]Mouse ChibiPaidNot Started
@Ren [Discord]Mouse ChibiPaidNot Started
@Ren [Discord]Crayon ChibiPaidNot Started


@ Saryn [Discord]4x Chibis Style BPaidNot Started
@ Saryn [Discord]3x Stream ScreensPaidNot Started
@ Saryn [Discord]1x Fullbody Sketch/DesignPaidDesigning
@ Matt [Discord]Tumbnail ExpressionsPaidNot Started

This list is not in order nor is there an order**


Chibi(Style A or B)$37 per characterStyle A | Style B
Chibi Headshots(Style A or B)$27 per characterStyle A | Style B
EmotesStyle B only$16 per characterExample
DoodleMouse Art (drawn by mouse)$12 per characterExamples
DoodleCrayon Line art$10 per characterExamples

General Terms
Before you commission me, please read the following.
By commissioning me would mean you are agreeing to the terms of service written here. All of it is all basic stuff, I don't expect too much from my buyers other than for them to respect and follow all that I have written down here. Please read it fullly before contacting me unless you have a question of some kind. Thank you!

I will use Paypal as my only payment method. I refuse to try any outside source. (This does not apply to other currency, Ex; DA points) By using Paypal, I will send you an invoice. Which means, you will give me your e-mail and I will send the payment plan directly. When received, you are free to hold on from paying until I start drawing. I will contact you letting you know when I will get started working on your commission. If you feel you will not have the money by the time I will start, you are OK to send the money immediately as well.

If you do not respond to me after two weeks of me contacting you to pay. I will assume you are not interested anymore and will cancel the commission. This saves me time to not work on art that is not paid for. If for any reason you are unable to contact me within that time frame, you are free to come back to me again about it and I'll put you back on my schedule! No worries if things come up! It's understandable. If any other complications, contact me directly and we can discuss it together.


Name: (Your name)
Commission type: (What type of commission you would like)
Character/Reference: (Clear references of your character. [original or fanart] | If it's from a video game, please take a picture of your character in clear lighting. A fullbody and a close-up preferred.
Character personality: (This helps me understand your character and makes it easier to draw)
Description:(What would like like me to draw, such as poses, an expression, or any extras you had in mind. You're free to leave it to me if you don't have anything.)
Background: (White, transparent, custom background. Feel free to request for all three. | If ordering a doodle this defaults to white.)
Paypayl email: (Your email)

Communication & Customer Satisfaction
I personally think communication is important and key to providing, you, the customer getting what you paid for. My goal is please to customer to ensure that you are happy with the result I deliver to you. Like above, once I contacted, I will start your commission. The sketch will always come first to double check if I get anything wrong or if you want any changes. If something confuses me or if I have any ides or question, I will be sure to come to you.

What matters to me is that year happy in the end with the commission.

Cancellation & Refunds
I have the right to cancel any commission request if it has not been paid. However, in the case of the buyer, you are free to cancel whenever before I start the drawing. If I have already started and you wish to have a refund, please contact me. I can only offer a refund if only it's before I started shading, considering by that time I have already came near done finishing the piece.

I hope you understand. Thank you.

By commissioning me means that you have ownership of the artwork, however I have a few rules I'd like you to understand before buying.

Do not or ever claim the artwork to be yours. I understand you paid for it, but I would like my credit where it's due. If anyone asks or if you post my work anywhere, any sort of credit is fine. It doesn't have to be so obvious, just enough where anyone are able to follow back to me somehow.

And the only thing I ask is to not alter my artwork excessively to where it does not seem like I made it. No tracing, none of the like please. However, you are free to edit it into background, use as an icon, ect. This is why I provide the option for a transparent file.

Art Trades Terms
Not so much here, but I'd like you to follow most of the rules here.
When doing an AT, I would provide you with a sketch first and wait to see yours before finishing. I would also like if you treat this with as much care and love as you would for a commission since I would do the same.

Chibi Style A

Chibi Style B

Chibi Headshot Style A

Crayon Doodles

Mouse Doodles


Chibi Headshot Style B