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Hello! Welcome to my website! I am an aspiring vtuber and chibi artist. Feel free to DM me on Twitter or Discord if you've any questions. You're also welcome to email me at: [email protected]Discord: Aariesa
Email: [email protected]

chibi fullbody
Base Price $32 per character A fully rendered chibi. Please specify if you want detailed eyes or heart eyes. Transparent background will be included.

chibi doodle
Base price $22 per character A colored sketch of a chibi. Will be a bit less polished compared to my normal chibis. A transparent background will be included.

chibi headshot
Base price $27 A simple chibi drawn from the bust up. Transparent background will be included.

custom emotes/stickers
Base price $16 per emote An emote or discord sticker to spice up your chat! All drawn from scratch!

emotes (bases)
Base price $11 per emote Emotes drawn on bases made by several lovely and charitable artists. You can view the bases here: Bases Examples
Base Creators nieshii miffurin loumon
*please be sure to give credit to the base artist as well when commissioning these

mouse chibi
Base Price $11 per character | A chibi hand drawn by the mouse on a base! However, if you would like a custom pose it will be an additional $5.

chibi dance
Base Price $47 per character | A little animation of your character dancing! You're welcome to decided the expression on the character's face. Any changes to the animation will be an additional $16.

mouse chibi
Base Price $11 per character | A chibi hand drawn by the mouse on a base! However, if you would like a custom pose it will be an additional $5.

live 2D chibis
Base Price $115 Please bare in mind that I do not do rigging. The art will be separated and ready to be rigged. Stickers and extras for expression are free of charge. Complex characters will have a $16 dollar feel. Complexity is determined by how difficult the design may seem to draw and separate.
Base Price $42 Drawn in the same style as above. PNG model will come with a mouth open and closed option. For anything extra please contact me so we can discuss it.

Terms of Service

If you're not sure about something then you're welcome to ask. The form will be in the ToS. Please take the time to read it. Thank you!

male & females OK!
video games, fantart, ocs, furries
minimal gore is okay
anything questionably immoral

• Payment is due upfront before work on the commission begins. The artist will provide an invoice for the agreed-upon amount, which must be paid in full.• The artist accepts payment via Paypal.• If you need to, cancel the commission before work begins, you will be eligible for a full refund. If the commission is canceled after work has begun, you may request a partial refund at the artist's discretion.• In the event the artist doesn’t feel secure or is unable to complete your request, They reserve the right to refuse it.• Complex designs may result in additional fees.• Written character reference will come with an additional design fee.• The artist will provide 3 rounds of revisions as part of the commission, to be used at the client's discretion. Revisions may include changes to the composition, color, or other aspects of the artwork.

• The revisions timeline is as follows;
- Unlimited per sketch
- 3 per WIP
- 1 per final
• Any major or extra adjustments may incur extra costs.• If the client requests additional revisions beyond the agreed-upon number, the artist may agree to provide them at their discretion. Any such additional revisions may result in additional fees.• The artist retains ownership and copyright of the completed artwork, but will grant the client a non-exclusive, perpetual license to use the artwork for personal use only. The client may not sell, distribute, or reproduce the artwork without the artist's written permission.• Commercial use of the artwork must be agreed beforehand by the commissioner, and it will cost an additional $10 fee on top of the base price for the artwork. Commercial use grants the client a perpetual, non-exclusive, worldwide license to use the commissioned artwork for any purpose, including but not limited to;
- game artwork and designs
- album or book covers
- promotional artwork
- streaming assets
• If the client wishes to use the commissioned artwork for any other commercial purposes not covered by this policy, they must obtain the written consent of the artist and may be required to pay additional fees.• Unauthorized use of the artist’s work for commercial purposes is strictly forbidden.• The scope of work for this commission will be agreed upon in writing before work begins. This will include a detailed description of the artwork to be created, any specific requirements or preferences, and the delivery format.• The artist will deliver the completed artwork in the agreed-upon format.• The average turnaround time is around 2-3 months. Sometimes sooner.• The turnaround time for the completion of the work may be affected by factors such as the complexity of the artwork, the artist's workload, and any personal factors that may arise. The artist will communicate any potential delays to the client as soon as possible.• The artist is free to use the commissioned work to promote themselves unless specifically stated otherwise by the client.• You acknowledge that I am a digital illustrator and that I solely create digital art, i.e., there will not be any actual physical products shipped. (unless stated otherwise)• The artist will not accept payment in digital currency or exposure.• The completed product cannot be altered, copied, traced, or have its watermark removed by the commissioner or anyone else.


• The client will receive sketches for corrections and approval. If the commission is a certain level of complexity, multiple sketches will be provided with different ideas for the client to choose for the final illustration.• Following the approval of the sketch, the payment must be made in full. The artist will not resume work on the commission until the invoice has been paid.
- The client may request a 50/50 payment plan if necessary, which may or may not be accepted under the artist’s discretion.
- By following through with the agreement, the client guarantees that they will follow through with both installments of the payment.
• The delivery of the artwork should take no longer than five months. The customer is free to inquire about an approximate completion date for their commission.• The commission will be canceled if the client doesn't respond to any communications within 30 days.• If it takes longer than anticipated to deliver the commission, the client will be informed of the delay.• Anytime during the commissioning process, the customer is entitled to ask for revisions and updates on the artwork.• The completed artwork is provided in a private with a sta.sh link via deviantart along with any variations. The client may request other means of delivery.


PayPal Email:
Order type:
Describe the order: (scene, pose, theme, expression, etc)
Character reference: (2-4 images recommended)
License type: (personal use/commercial use/other)
Deadline (optional): (Welcome to leave it to discussion)

By hiring me for a commission, you acknowledge that you have read and understood these terms of service and agree to be bound by them. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask.In the event of defamatory comments, I have the right to keep a record of the commission dialogue in the form of screenshots. You accept my conditions by contacting me for work, and you agree to be held responsible for any violations that result. Refunds may be refused only if your actions made the commission experience utterly unpleasant. I have the right to decline to work with anyone who is condescending, disrespectful, unwelcoming, sexualizes me, or violates my terms. As a safeguard against slander, I will record any supporting evidence.TOS TEMPLATE BY @CYENKON


$5 Chibi Heads

A chibi made of your character of choice. Suitable for profile pictures. Sizes are small and details will be simplified if needed.This will be skeb-like, so no work in progress will be sent. However, I will allow changes and fixes if I miss anything.To order, all you need to do is send my your Paypal email for an invoice along with a character reference and background color.